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For reservations a deposit of $ 25 is required.

  • 1 hour 10 minutes
  • 150 dólares estadounidenses
  • San Juan

Service Description

Unveiling Cupping Therapy: An Ancient Healing Art 🌬️ Embark on a journey into the rich tapestry of traditional Chinese medicine with Cupping Therapy, an age-old technique spanning millennia. This therapeutic method revolves around the strategic application of suction cups on the skin, inducing a vacuum effect. The result? A harmonious dance that enhances local vascularization, fostering a cascade of benefits: Increased Blood Supply: Watch as circulation flourishes, bringing a surge of vitality, oxygen, and nutrients to the treated area. Pain Relief: Experience relief as tension dissipates, offering a natural remedy for various discomforts. Lymphatic Circulation Boost: Bid farewell to edema as the therapy elevates lymphatic flow, promoting efficient waste removal. Cellular Renewal: Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. Cupping accelerates cell turnover, eliminating dead cells and stimulating the production of fresh, vibrant ones. Balanced Cell Metabolism: Achieve equilibrium within. Cupping therapy harmonizes cell metabolism, contributing to overall well-being. Immerse yourself in the time-honored practice of Cupping Therapy, where ancient wisdom meets modern wellness. Ready to embrace the revitalizing touch of tradition? Book your Cupping Therapy session today!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hrs before appo

Contact Details

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico


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