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TMJ Massage

  • 1 hour
  • 90 dólares estadounidenses
  • San Juan

Service Description

Understanding TMJ: More Than Just an Acronym 🌟 The term "TMJ" may simply stand for temporomandibular joint, but when issues arise, it transforms into "TMD" or temporomandibular dysfunction, indicating discomfort or pain related to jaw movement and bite alignment. The TMJ, connecting the lower jaw to the skull just beneath the ears, plays a crucial role in chewing and can impact the neck, shoulders, face, and teeth when dysfunction occurs. Common Causes of TMJ Disorders: * Excessive Clenching or Grinding: Persistent teeth clenching or grinding can contribute to TMJ issues. * Trauma to the Jaw: Physical injury to the jaw can result in TMJ dysfunction. * Disease or Arthritis: Various jaw-related diseases or arthritis can impact the proper function of the TMJ. * Jaw Misalignment: When the jaw is not properly aligned, it can lead to TMJ disorders. Symptoms of TMJ Disorders: * Jaw Pain or Tenderness: Discomfort near the jaw is a common indicator. * Clicking, Cracking, or Popping: Audible sounds when opening or closing the mouth. * Toothaches and Headaches: Pain may extend to the teeth and head. * Muscular Pain: Discomfort while chewing, swallowing, or speaking. * Restricted Movement: Limitations in jaw movement, such as difficulty opening the mouth. * Dental Issues: Misaligned teeth may be a symptom. * Neck, Scalp, and Shoulder Pain: Pain that radiates to these areas. * Frequent Headaches: Persistent headaches can be linked to TMJ disorders. * Ear Symptoms: Pain, ringing, or itchiness in the ears, along with dizziness. Massage Benefits for TMJ: * Jaw Muscle Pain Reduction: Alleviate pain in the jaw muscles through targeted massage. * Neck, Shoulder, and Headache Relief: Massage can reduce associated pain in these areas. * Improved Mouth Opening: Enhance jaw mobility through specialized massage techniques. * Alleviation of Headaches, Toothaches, and Earaches: Massage can provide relief from these common symptoms. * Increased Circulation: Promote blood flow to the affected areas. * Pain Reduction from Sleep Bruxism: Massage can help mitigate pain associated with nighttime teeth grinding. Experience relief and enhanced well-being with targeted massage for TMJ disorders. Ready to soothe discomfort and restore balance?

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  • San Juan, Puerto Rico


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